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I have had interested since as a 5 year old child on my first camping/fishing trip down the Boyne River, I tasted fresh fish cooked over smoldering charcoal, the taste well that started my journey into all kinds of outdoor cooking including Wood fired ovens, Camp "Dutch" ovens, Open fire cooking, Smoking, Preserving meats and sausages making these for over 35 years at home and 25 year cooking commercially as a "Pub Cook & Carvery Cook", Including Chutney& Sauce making and making pizza's in Wood fired Pizza Oven plus what my mates in the U.S.A. would call "Pit barbecue or Texas barbecue", a slow smoke roasting technique, which turns a humble piece of Pork, Beef or Chicken into the most out of this world taste experience in your life. Or try Asaditooo which is a traditional Uruguay BBQ no charcoal only wood is used, and the fire is to one side now these guys realy know how to BBQ thank to my freind Federico Gaggero from Uruguay.

So why not join Mountain Mick the Mountain Griller and learn the secrets of great BBQ in the Aussie Bush. .

Couple of my heroes/mentors growing up were Jack Absalom, Margaret Fulton & Bernard King.

Ian Parmenter & Peter Russel Clarke, Keith Floyd & Ken Hom

I'm a MasterChef junkie.
Stay tuned for my first cooking DVD, and cook book , and maybe TV show.
Thank for calling past for a look

Here's one of My home made "Pit barbecues or Texas barbecues "

Wood fired Pizza Oven, smoker and Spit Catering hire and custom BBQ/ Smoker builder ,

Cooking & BBQ School, Pizza & BBQ Team building,

Dry & Wet Catering Weddings & Birthdays or Unusual & Funky Parties,

Making Cooking Monkey Business

Established "1984"

Formerly Karmic Catering

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